Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loss of LANA Board Member, Tom Hull

Tom Hull, LANA Board Member and Registrar of Pedigrees  
March 29, 1948 - Nov. 26, 2008

Tom was an absolute treasure
for those of us in the Lipizzan horse community.
He gave of himself and of his time with good spirits, integrity,
and a sense of fun and adventure.
He was devoted to compiling accurate pedigrees, with endless patience in investigating the confusing and sometimes contradictory international records, and he created a comprehensive data base to share with all Lipizzan owners.
We will miss his booming laugh, his sweet smile, and his warmth.
Months ago, Tom and Mel told his fellow Lipizzan Board members that he was ill, but he continued his activities with his usual good spirits,
even participating in our annual meeting less than 2 weeks ago.
No one can replace him in our small community; he was unique.
Our thoughts are with Mel
as we mourn the loss of Tom.

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